Homework Battles


Dear Parent,


I know that it feels horrible to walk away from an anxious or angry child at homework time, even when their behavior is unacceptable.  You know that consequences for the behavior won’t get it done and neither will arguing. If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably tried EVERYTHING!


It has been a happy surprise to discover a new way to manage homework stress and arguments in developing Blue Brain Training. Initially, my goal was to reduce stress and anxiety overall. However, it soon became very clear that Blue Brain Training had a very positive effect on the ability of kids to complete homework and perform on tests. Here’s why:

What’s well understood but often overlooked is the crushing role that anxiety (anger, irritability) can play in Executive Functioning (the type of thinking needed when doing homework or taking a test). For reasons pertaining to the way the brain functions when students are anxious, irritable or angry, the brain simply does not complete these tasks nearly as efficiently as it does when the student is calm. Therefore, homework is much harder when kids are feeling upset or angry. However, many parents struggle to help their kids calm down but do not feel that they can walk away from an angry or irritable child over homework when it doesn’t work.

Blue Brain Training teaches both parents and their kids simple, new skills to use with actual tools that help them manage their brains better and keep everyone calm. By giving their child new ways to calmly manage homework, parents help their child more effectively. This is because when the child is calm, their brain will function more efficiently, and homework goes more smoothly(and quickly!).

Over the past eight years, I have consistently seen  that when anxiety and irritability goes down, homework battles fade away. Visit my other pages to learn more about the training itself. Of course, as my clients know, I am always happy to chat about making homework easier!

Put homework it its place: DONE!

Let’s talk soon,