So What is this New Approach?

This approach is based on a simple understanding of the biology behind the anxiety, anger, and the stress response.
It utilizes established anxiety reduction techniques using tools that are discreet, quick, and effective. Tools have been selected for their low cost, ease of use, discreetness, effectiveness, and most importantly, appeal to clients.

Recommended supplies are available at the time of the training. All participants can leave the training educated and ready to go!

So What is the Blue Brain Training ?

Whether it is done as part of the provision of psychotherapy services or an a stand-alone educational service, the Blue Brain Training consists of a one hour session divided into two parts:

During the first part, an educational approach is used to help clients gain a very simple understanding of a few basic biological principals involved. The focus is shifted from the behavior to the activity in the brain that is causing it.

The second part focuses on simple but effective skills in using tools to help the client reduce their anxiety and/or anger when it occurs. As the client learns to use these tools, the emphasis can shift to prevention.

These skills are also designed to reduce the intensity and frequency of episodes over time, which leads greater self control, greater self esteem, and increased compliance over time.