"Managing your Blue Brain: A Simple New Approach for Reducing Anxiety, Anger, and Stress. "

A New Service for Parents, Children, Teens, and Families


So What is this New Approach?

This approach is based on a simple understanding of the biology behind the anxiety, anger, and the stress response.
It utilizes established anxiety reduction techniques using tools that are discreet, quick, and effective. Tools have been selected for their low cost, ease of use, discreetness, effectiveness, and most importantly, appeal to clients.


So What is the Cost?

Insurance can be billed for psychotherapy clients. Blue Brain Tool kit is available for purchase. The fee for a two session educational training and tool kit for non-psychotherapy clients is $250. (The first session is one hour and the follow up session is thirty minutes.) This service is used when psychotherapy is not indicated or available. Please contact Elizabeth for more details.


Many families have successfully used the Blue Brain Training to…


  • Anxiety/Stress/Anger
  • Impulsivity
  • Outbursts/Temper Tantrums
  • Defiance
  • School Anxiety/Refusal
  • Test Anxiety
  • Classroom Focus
  • Homework Difficulties
  • Social Anxiety
  • Anxiety in New Situations
  • Difficulty with Change
  • Sleep Issues
  • Family Stress
  • Sibling Rivalry

Online Sessions Now Available! Give me a call and we can decide if this is the right option for you!

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